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Place Your Bets on the Bears

Bob Matthews has posted the over and unders for the upcoming NFL season.  The Bears number is 10.  I have to think we can cover that.  Here are assorted other numbers.

11 wins -- New England; 10 ½ wins -- Indianapolis and San Diego; 10 wins -- Chicago; 9½ wins -- Denver; 9 wins -- Baltimore, Carolina, Cincinnati, Dallas, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Seattle; 8½ wins -- Jacksonville.

8 wins -- Kansas City, New York Giants and New York Jets; 7 ½ wins -- Atlanta, Green Bay, St. Louis and Washington; 7 wins -- Arizona, Miami, San Francisco, Tampa Bay and Tennessee; 6 ½ wins -- Houston and Minnesota; 6 wins -- Buffalo and Detroit; 5½ wins -- Cleveland; 5 wins -- Oakland.

I am not familiar with betting and how the numbers work, so I have no idea how Denver could beat 9 1/2 wins.  I don't know if there is some kind of formula to figure that one out.