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Hester To Offense

Credit to Rob G for pointing this one out.

Coach Lovie Smith has revealed that starting with this weekend's full-squad minicamp, CB and return man Devin Hester will practice with the offense.

Hester will work with the wide receivers at minicamp, but he's also expected to line up in the backfield at times and could be utilized like the New Orleans Saints' Reggie Bush.

"Right now we're not going to put any limits on it," Smith said. "We have a new piece to the puzzle. We're anxious to see what we can do with him and the role that he'll develop into.

"There are a lot of different ways we can go. You can make a case for him being a slot receiver. You can make a case for him being a single receiver when we go to our two-tight end, two-running back packages. You can make a case for him from the running back position.

"He's an offensive weapon right now. That's the only limit we put on him.

What else do we need to say here.  Between the speed that we can bring with Hester, Berrian and Wolfe and the possession guys we have with Muhammad, Clark and Olsen and then just for fun throw in Davis and we have everything in place to have an outstanding offense as long as Grossman ca step up.