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O'Sullivan in, Brown Out?

All bits from the same article.

First up and most of the article pertains to J.T. O'Sullivan.

The guy has been with six NFL teams in five years and is in the midst of his second stint across the pond. So O'Sullivan can be forgiven for not knowing whether Bourbonnais is the summer home of the Bears or a vacation spot in the south of France.

Geography matters little for someone like O'Sullivan, who is trying to keep from falling off the NFL map. The only scenery he pays attention to are the images in front of him on a screen in the meeting room.

"The videotape doesn't lie, and if you're good enough they'll find a spot for you," O'Sullivan said of the Bears.

With four quarterbacks already on the roster, the team will be hard-pressed to do so. But O'Sullivan will report to Bourbonnais, once he finds it, believing he can push Kyle Orton and undrafted free agent Chris Leak for the No. 3 quarterback job. Who knows?

If O'Sullivan's start for Frankfurt is any indication--he is 75 of 115 for 951 yards with six TDs, three interceptions and a passer rating of 97.4--he will arrive with confidence that has been built as much as his football résumé.

Then something on the possibility of trading Alex Brown or Adewale Ogunleye.

The Bears aren't actively shopping defensive end Alex Brown but would be inclined to listen to offers through training camp from teams willing to rework Brown's contract--which they don't expect. Still, they are in no rush to part with a young player who has been a two-time Pro Bowl alternate, no matter how disgruntled he might be over being pushed by Mark Anderson and second-round draftee Dan Bazuin. Their other veteran defensive end, Adewale Ogunleye, has limited trade value because of a hefty contract teams don't want to inherit.

Then of course we finish with everybody's favorite numbnuts agent, Drew Rosenhaus laying it on that Greg Olsen will not be an issue to sign.

"The Bears know we're not going to have a tough time getting Greg's deal done," Rosenhaus said