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Briggs To Skip Mini Camp

Shocking absolutely no one, disgruntled linebacker Lance Briggs will skip mandatory mini camp.

Without a deal in place, Briggs is technically precluded from participating in the minicamp. Since he is not currently under contract, Briggs, who has not attended any of the offseason conditioning sessions, cannot be fined for skipping the mandatory minicamp.

Briggs' journey to this point has been one of the more interesting ones I can recall.  Before the season, most had a 'wait and see' approach towards him, by the end of the season, we all were rooting and wanting the Bears to pay him, then he went on a tour that saw him turn all his fans against him, now he is just grasping for straws hoping that something happens that will finally let him get out of this hole he dug for himself.

Credit: RME JICO