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Bears Sign Graham

The Bears have signed fifth round draft pick Corey Graham to a 4 year deal.  The cornerback out of New Hampshire is the third of the Bears 2007 draft picks that has signed.

"In our defense you have to play press, you have to play off, you have to be able to get up there as a cover-two corner and jam," defensive coordinator Bob Babich said after the draft. "In evaluating the tape on him, we thought that he showed all those things.

"The thing that we really like about Corey is that he's athletic and we think that he's going to do nothing but get better. He's been well-coached at his school, but I think competing against our guys, he's going to get much better and continue to grow. We think he has untapped talent.""

Graham is expected to add to our special teams as he excelled at returns and coverage in college.