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The Bears Are Fast

Again two camp, but when ESPN analyst and BBS favorite Joh Clayton makes the overall athleticism of the Bears one of the top points, I have to post it.

1. The Bears -- believe it or not -- are a faster team than last year.
Devin Hester was converted to wide receiver and he was zipping around the field, doing reverses and making sure-handed catches. Halfback Cedric Benson has a new spring to his step now that he doesn't have to worry about Thomas Jones competing for his playing time. Despite Lance Briggs' holdout, the Bears have some speedy replacements for the future in Jamar Williams and Michael Okwo. Adam Archuleta adds speed at safety. To make matters worse for the rest of the league, the Bears didn't have tight end Greg Olsen and halfback Garrett Wolfe at minicamp because they were attending the Premiere sponsorship affair in Los Angeles. This might be the Bears' most athletic team since the 1985 Super Bowl squad.

Plus if you read farther down it talks about poor ol Brett Favre feeling guilty.