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Post Draft Recap

Here is just a recap of of the stories that have been going since the Draft has ended.

Hester moving to offense.  Turns out Coach Lovie Smith has been working on him for about two months.

Anderson starting at the right side.  Brown is working as backup to both Anderson and Ogunleye.

Danieal Manning is working at three positions.  Safety, cornerback and return man.

Cedric Benson is finally acting like a player the team can get behind.

Though it is a wait and see issue, Tank Johnson said he will not appeal any punishment handed down by Goodell and take it like man.

Briggs has no showed mini camp.  

Williams taking snaps at the weak side.  Williams is odds on favorite to replace Briggs if he does not play.

Clark seems business as usual when talking about the possibility that first round pick Greg Olsen might take his spot.

What about Rex?

Rex Grossman made some excellent throws in the three practices (not counting the one that Brian Urlacher intercepted on Sunday). But what impressed me most were Grossman's fundamentals. He didn't throw off his back foot and he actually stepped up in the pocket and completed a strike to Mark Bradley on the sideline on one play. New quarterbacks coach Pep Hamilton has been working intensely with Grossman on stepping up in the pocket, which he rarely if ever did last season. Stepping up rather than backpedaling in the pocket will keep Grossman from throwing off his back foot and enable him to make a positive play when the first option isn't open, either with a pass to a secondary receiver or by scrambling.


Do you believe in fate? I have yet to hear anyone mention this, but if you go back in history, starting in 1941, the Bears have won the NFL championship every 22 years (1941, 1963 and 1985). If you believe this will continue, the Bears are a lock to win in 2007. Just something for us Bears fans to think about this year!