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NFL Landmarks, Soldier Field Makes The List

SI did a photo gallery of the coolest NFL landmarks.  

Soldier Field came in at #5.

The new Soldier Field is a lot different than the old stadium, but the builders kept the classic Doric columns outside. Just the image of the classic architecture brings back memories of all the classic Bears games at this historic site.

The full list is:

  1. University of Phoenix Stadium's exterior
  2. Ford Field's glass atrium
  3. Qwest Field's end zone
  4. Gillette Stadium's Lighthouse
  5. Lambeau Field's turf
  6. Soldier Field's columns
  7. McAfee Stadium's Black Hole
  8. Cleveland Browns Stadium's Dawg Pound
  9. Raymond James' Buccaneer Cove
  10. Texas Stadium's roof
Just from a logistics stand point, I don't think sections of seatings can be called a landmark just because of who sits there, so numbers 3 and 4 don't make sense and how can a landmark that was created because somebody mismanaged the budget be #1?