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Briggs Trade Options

Let me start this post by saying there is not truth or even rumor about this.  This guy is just throwing out some trade theories he either likes or thinks would work, including revisiting the McNabb one.  All of them for the most part are absolutely useless and impossible if not down right laughable.

  1. Briggs for McNabb
  2. Briggs for Larry Johnson
Johnson is a free agent after 2007 and wants to be paid like LaDainian Tomlinson. The Chiefs denied they were shopping the star running back, but they also haven't said they're going to meet his salary demands. It's time to rebuild in K.C. and young Pro Bowl-caliber linebacker would be a nice fit. Johnson probably isn't a great long-term fit for the Bears unless they want to give up on Cedric Benson. But for one year a Johnson-Benson combo is intriguing despite being impractical.
  1. Briggs for Chris Sims
  2. Briggs for Clinton Portis
  3. Briggs for Michael Vick
I can appreciate what he is trying to do with the story, but couldn't he at least try to put together a few trades that make sense or work from a numbers stand point makes sense?  How about Briggs for Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?  Maybe Briggs for  LaDanian Tomlinson?  There I just did the same thing and I even used bigger names.