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Grossman Improving

They always know how to say all the right things in camp.  Just hope some of this carries over.

During last weekend's minicamp, Rex Grossman stepped up in the pocket and rifled a completion to Mark Bradley along the sideline. In Wednesday's OTA workout, the Bears quarterback quickly took off running when his receivers were covered.

Granted, there are no angry defensive linemen trying to plant Grossman in the turf during non-contact practices. But the focus that he's placed on improving his fundamentals and techniques has been evident in 7-on-7 and team drills.

Working on keeping his weight on his back foot before stepping up in the pocket, Rex Grossman has been holding the ball further back toward his right shoulder.
Throughout the Bears' offseason program, Grossman has worked with new quarterbacks coach Pep Hamilton on stepping up in the pocket, which should result in stronger, more accurate throws while also enabling the fifth-year pro to run with the ball when no receivers are open.

With Hamilton charging at him during drills to simulate a pass rush, Grossman has been concentrating on holding the ball with two hands further back toward his right shoulder in order to keep his weight on his back foot as he sets up to throw.