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Ditka vs. Upshaw

Former Bears head coach Mike Ditka has long been a proponent for getting funds to ex-players who are in need of it.  Last year he co-created an organization called Gridiron Greats to assist retired players.  

Recently he has come out firing at NFL Players Association director Gene Upshaw about plans to improve the benefits, by calling it a lot of rhetoric.

Upshaw didn't take it sitting down and responded to Ditka.  Calling him a Johnny Come Lately stating that he has been in this game much longer than Ditka.

Ditka has now taken it up to a new level claiming that Upshaw has broken the law claiming he takes more in loans than is allowed and makes upwards of 4 million a year.  He also states that a Senate Investigation into Upshaw is imminent.

Upshaw is on record as denying any wrong doing.