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NFC North Rankings

My friend over at Daily Norseman has posted Pro Football Weekly's Preview.  This info shows the rankings of positions in the NFC North.

QB - Packers (B-), Lions (C+), Bears (C+), Vikings (D+)
RB - Vikings (B+), Lions (B-), Bears (B-), Packers (D+)
WR - Lions (B+), Bears (C+), Packers (C), Vikings (D)
OL - Bears (B+), Vikings (B), Packers (C+), Lions (D)
DL - Bears (B), Vikings (B-), Lions (B-), Packers (C)
LB - Bears (A-), Vikings (B-), Packers (B-), Lions (C-)
DB - Bears (B+), Vikings (B-), Packers (B-), Lions (C)
ST - Chicago (A), Lions (B), Vikings (C), Packers (C-)

Now, if you take the numerical values from a standard 4.0 GPA scale and apply them to the letter grades above, you come up with the following:

Chicago - 3.08 (a solid B)
Minnesota - 2.34 (in the C+ range)
Detroit - 2.34 (another C+)
Green Bay - 2.18 (closer to a C than a C+)

Yet the predicted records for the division are as follows:

Chicago - 11-5
Green Bay - 7-9
Detroit - 6-10
Minnesota - 5-11

I could make a case against his statement that the only two not debatable topics are Chicago's special teams and the Viking's running backs and throw in there Chicago's Dline, perhaps even Oline.  

Chicago's linebacker would also be unquestionable if Briggs would be there with bells on.