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Five Down, Okwo and Beekman Sign

The Bears today took another step towards being the first team to have their entire 2007 draft class under contract.

Third round linebacker Michael Okwo and fourth-round guard/center Josh Beekman have both signed.  They are signed to four year deals.


"I'm really excited that it's all over and done with and now I can focus on the next chapter in my life, which is playing for the Chicago Bears," Okwo said via telephone from California.


"It was very exciting," Beekman said. "It's the first process in becoming an NFL player and it's very exciting to know your worth and know that you are etched in history. Signing with the Chicago Bears was an exciting thing for me and I really can't wait to get to work even more because it reinvigorates you right when you sign."

The only two remaining draftees left unsigned are first rounder Greg Olsen and second rounder Dan Bazuin.

Credit: Devin47