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Hester Almost A Titan

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I post this a little late, but it gives me a good chance to poke a little fun at our friends at Music City Miracles.

Writing for this week, former Tennessee Titans general manager Floyd Reese revealed that he wanted to select Hester with the 45th overall pick in the second round, 12 slots before the Bears chose the University of Miami star.

"I had his draft card in my hand and had him on the phone," Reese writes. "A last-second plea by coaches stopped the selection. Not once in my career had I ever taken a name off the board on draft day and not made the selection."

Reese went on to say that four issues affected the decision: the confidence Tennessee coaches had in the player they chose, USC running back LenDale White; the need for a young running back; not being able to decide with certainty where to play Hester; and the presence of a Pro Bowl-caliber return specialist in Pacman Jones.

Credit: Rob G