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Hester Unlikely For Offense

While early indications were that Pro Bowl return man Devin Hester, would be spending some time on the offensive side of the ball, it now appears that that is not going to happen.  The reason is three fold.

Firstly, Hester himself still wants to be a cornerback.  He has admitted he will play anywhere they want him, but would prefer to stay on defense.

Secondly, the Bears are still reluctant to increase Hester's role in fear of taking away from his return abilities.  Briefly, last year when Hester was forced into the lineup due to injuries, his return numbers decreases.

Lastly, the Bears drafted running back Garrett  Wolfe to fill the role they envisioned for Hester, which is getting him into the open field with the ball in hand and let his speed take over.

It would have been nice to see Hester play offense, but if he wants to focus on defense and Wolfe can fill the same role, I am all for whatever they decide.