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Where Are They Now, Briggs Edition

This is more just being curious than an actual news update, but it wasn't that long ago that Bears weak side linebacker Lance Briggs and his agent went on a tour-de-wrong media blitz to get him traded.

He refused to talk to anybody but national media, he told us he wasn't going to play for Chicago again, though he turned back on that statement later, his agent made up trade rumors and tried to force other possible trade scenarios.  I am just wondering what is going on now.

Now that the draft has passed and Briggs last real chance to be traded is past, now they decide to shut up?  Seems odd to say the least.  Now that that ship has sailed, does this mean that Rosenhaus has other things to do?  Has Briggs finally learned his lesson and is now trying to play nice hoping something will come of it?  Have Briggs and Angelo met in private and straightened anything up?

I suppose if I wanted to take a pot shot at ESPN I could say that this is very much like the Sorpranos finale.  Enormous build up and a fizzle at the end, but I wouldn't ever take shots at ESPN now would I?