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Depth Chart- Cornerbacks

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One thing is for sure, the Bears aren't worrying about anybody retiring any time soon.  The Bears corners have an average age of 23.8.

Depth Chart-Cornerback
Player Experience Age Height Weight Status
Charles Tillman 5 26 6-1 196
Nathan Vashar 4 25 5-9 183
Ricky Manning Jr. 5 26 5-9 193
Dante Wesley 6 28 6-1 210
Corey Graham R 21 6-0 195 Drafted 5th Rd./Signed 4year deal
Trumaine McBride R 21 5-9 185 Drafted 7th Rd./Signed 4year deal
Greg Fassitt R 22 5-11 186 undrafted
Tim Mixon R 22 5-9 184 undrafted

Tillman and Vashar are the current starters, but speculation is abound that one will not be with us after this coming season leaving room for Manning Jr. to step in.  

Tillman is bigger and greatly improved, but has been know to be burned by faster receivers, while Vashar is the faster of the two.  After having a huge 05 season his latest outing wasn't as spectacular, but still solid.  

The Bears drafted both size and speed, so maybe which ever rookie is most capable of stepping up will go along way towards deciding who remains a Bear.