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Grossman Looking Sharp

Preseason reports are the reasons everybody thinks their team is going to be win the Super Bowl.  This is from Chalk Talk on the official site.  When asked how has Grossman looked in OTAs.

Rex Grossman has looked very sharp the past few weeks in OTA practices. I thought Tuesday was one of his best days. He threw the ball with accuracy and authority and made good decisions. He especially impressed me in leading the offense to a touchdown against the first-team defense in a two-minute drill. Showing poise and leadership, he hit Muhsin Muhammad over the middle and tight end Greg Olsen along the sideline. Grossman then looked off the safety and rifled a pass down the right sideline and into the back of the end zone, hitting Muhammad in stride for a touchdown.

If Grossman can actually do the stuff they keep telling us he is doing when we get to the regular season, the Bears are going to be sitting pretty to go back to the big game.