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Hester Plan Taking Shape

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Not that it would be surprising to anybody, but the Bears plan on using newly switched to wide receiver Devin Hester as much of a decoy as they likely will actually give him a ball and at this point Hester loves it.

"That's the fun part about it," Hester said with a huge smile and a giggle after Wednesday's workout.

"I love running a fake reverse and seeing everybody run at you, and Cedric (Benson) is running with the ball on the other side of the field. That just cracks me up."

Between Hester's speed and playmaking ability you have to respect him when he is on the field, but overcompensate and you put yourself in place to get burned.

I don't know if Benson and Hester make the call as they go,  because that is just asking for fumbles.  If it is a set play, it looks like the only way it can be defended really well is to just guess who you think is going to run the ball.

I still am waiting to hear the stories of Berrian and Hester lining up on each side and just racing each other to the end zone.