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Harris Wants McNabb in Chicago

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Sometimes you wonder why teams don't have people with their players whenever they are going to be in front of the microphone.  Just to pull the guy back and let him think about it.  This isn't all that bad, but you know how it is going to be perceived.  At Donovan McNabb's charity golf event over the weekend Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris stated on many occasions that he would love for McNabb to come to Chicago.

"I'd love to have [McNabb] as my quarterback in Chicago. ... Hopefully, he comes here and helps the Chicago Bears win the Super Bowl. ... If he comes to Chicago, we'll definitely win the Super Bowl. ... He's my friend and I would like him to play on my team. ... I'd love him to play for the Bears."

Harris has since gone on the radio to back pedal, anybody is going to think that is anything other than trying to hold the storm at bay.