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Harris Comes Clean

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Oh!, it was just a joke.  You really didn't mean it, you were just kidding around.  Another athlete who just stuck his foot in his mouth is forced to issue a worthless apology.

"They thought I was serious," Harris said. "I don't know why. I wasn't, and I apologized to Rex and the team already. I'll be careful the next time I joke around."

We are all big Harris fans and hope like anything he comes back from his injury with no problems, but straight up these guys need to learn to keep their mouths shut.  Use your brain for once.  

When you have an unstable QB situation you cannot make comments like that.  PERIOD!  No joking, no kidding and no being serious.

If we had Peyton Manning or Tom Brady back there then fine, the joke would probably roll right off and nobody would think about it, but we have a guy who was a world beater at times and an absolute train wreck at others.  He is in the last year of his contract and we need to know if this kid can be our franchise QB.  

He has already shown that he isn't afraid to take the blame for his part in his troubles, he isn't afraid of the media why must we keep throwing barbs at this guy?  

Angelo is not going to fork out big money for a guy who he doesn't think can do the job, so let's just let this play out.  Give him this year, if he has corrected the mechanical flaws and shows he can play then great, give him his money and let us move on.  If he isn't the guy, then cut him and the search continues.  

Grossman is a good guy, he didn't blow up at the media or fans like a Ryan Leaf did, he took his lumps and is trying to move past them. Let's give him his shot.