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Hester Chicago's Best Athlete?

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So fellow Bears blogger has done a list of the five best athlete's currently playing in the Windy City.

At the tops of his list is Devin Hester.  The rest of the list is

  1. Brian Urlacher
  2. Ben Gordon
  3. Carlos Zambrano
  4. Paul Konerko
Honorable Mentions: Derek Lee, Kirk Hinrich, Jim Thome, Ben Wallace, Rex Grossman and Cuauhtemoc Blanco

I don't per say have a problem with the list except I have no idea what criteria we is going by.  If we use the broadest sense of the word athlete here is what I know about Hester.  He can run really fast and he can change directions just as fast.  I know that Urlacher is strong, really fast, he is tough and can jump quite high.  That gives Urlacher the edge.  

If the list is designed to gauge Chicago's favorites yes Hester is all the buzz, but Urlacher has already earned his place in Chicago sports history.  He has already etched his place next to George, Butkus and Singletary.  Hester might be the hot topic, but he has a few more years playing at last season's level before we can talk about him that way.

What do you think?  Give me your top 5 list.