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Clayton Drinking The Kool Aid

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In general I am not a ranting style of blogger.  I do it now and again.  Yesterday, I had some issues with Peter King.  Maybe I am just getting grumpy in my old age, maybe I am a little eager about my upcoming trip to Chicago or maybe I am just in desperate need of stuff to blog about, but either way John Clayton is talking out the wrong end.

His current article is on the Colts ushering in a new style of football and how now offense is going to win championships.

Let's just clear the air now, DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.  I am not saying you have to have an elite one, but you have to have one.  He points out that the Colts are the first team to win the Super Bowl since 83 without having a top 10 scoring defense.  There are two problems with this statement.  Usually there are only 2 or 3 teams that score on defense at big time rates, so the difference between being ranked in the top 10 and being ranked 18 or whatever probably isn't that high.  Secondly, and I will leave any specific data to our Indy blogger, but if I remember correctly the Colts defense took a huge step up once in the playoffs.  I think they allowed the fewest rushing yards after ranking close to dead last in the regular season.  

My next big issue is Clayton's thinking that all of the sudden teams are going to get a QB like Manning and receivers like Harrison and Wayne.  Sorry, ain't gonna happen.  There are maybe 5 truly great players on offense in this league Manning, Brady, LT and I will leave the other two spots open for your debate.  Colts have an elite offense, it is fair to say that an elite offense could make some head way against a dominant defense especially like ours which was missing a few key players.

Next he tries to throw the Patriots into the mix.  He states that the change actually started when Tom Brady started winning Super Bowls.  Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't the Patriots have a stellar defense for a number of years?  A great D with a great O kinda makes it hard for anybody to beat you.  

He also comes up with the fantastic stat that a team must be able to score over 20 to win a Super Bowl.  Well...yeah!  Nobody is saying a dominate defense can make up for a inept offense.  

Just thinking back to a recently gone Super Bowl that have happened since Brady started winning.  I am pretty sure that Big Ben didn't exactly bring down the lights with his passing in fact he barely passed.  What about the Seahawks that year?  Their offense is high scoring, but they ran into a good defense.

He then glazes over the fact that the Bears made the Super Bowl when their offense wasn't really playing all that well.  They were getting by with a lot of timely plays from their defense and special teams.  

He goes on to throw out a bunch more useless and boring facts that he things make his case, but I am sure somebody can find a bunch more that completely override his case.