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Bears High On Fan Roster

This is more in line with the straight new pieces and fluff stuff you are used to from me.  Sporting News' site in case you don't use it often is heavily community based. They allow users to have blogs and setup favorite and least favorite teams and comment on all sports.  They have a new list showing up on their page called Fan Roster.  What it does is keep track of how many users have selected that team as their favorite team.  The top 5 is this:

Dallas - 12,650
New England - 12,234
Pittsburgh - 10,032
Chicago - 9,594

The bottom 5 are the Cardinals, Jaguars, Texans, Ravens and and Titans.

I find this interesting because from a SB Nation it mimics how our sites were created.  This one was first, followed by Dallas.  New England and Pittsburgh were early ones too.  On the other hand the Texans, Ravens and Cardinals were some of the last.  I don't know how realistically it shows how certain cities or fans of teams have moved toward/used/favor the internet, but it was interesting to think about for 10 minutes.