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Bears Offense Looks Amazing?

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This of course is the biggest problem with OTAs and training camp.  This being everybody seems to be doing a fantastic job and every team looks like world beaters.  As the Bears wrapped up OTAs, Coach Smith had some big words to say about the state of the offense.  

"The best team we've had since I've been here is coming up," Smith said. "So we're excited about that."

From the increase in overall speed with the addition of Hester to the offense.

"We have a lot of different options (on offense) now," Smith said. "Just Hester by himself. You saw him playing a little bit of running back today. He can do a lot of things.

To the production of the rookies

Olsen (is) a talent (with) wide receiver-type skills at the tight-end position. He's a special athlete. We look for him to have an outstanding season.

Of course the performance of Grossman hangs over everything.  I think as far as players go we have everything a team needs to win the Super Bowl, if Grossman steps up.