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Vashar Signs Up For Five More

UPDATE: Deal reportedly is for five-years and worth $28 million with $14 million in guaranteed money.

We have debated the issue here whether the Bears would keep Tillman or Vashar after this year.  The Bears might have just answered that for us.  This doesn't mean they still won't sign Tillman as well, but they have signed Nathan Vashar through 2012.

"It's a great relief," he said. "I feel excited just to be able to get to this point in my career and just excited to know that my family will be secure for the next number of years and I'll be here and be a Chicago Bear for the second part of my career."

Aside from Vashar's initial breakout season, Tillman received most of the attention whether it was his constantly getting burned two years ago or his resurgence this year, but Vashar has been more consistent.

Speaking of Tillman and others this is what was said:

Inking Vasher to a long-term deal will not hamper the Bears' ability to re-sign other players such as cornerback Charles Tillman, wide receiver Bernard Berrian or quarterback Rex Grossman who are due to become unrestricted free agents next offseason.

No matter what happens JA always gets the guys signed that we need.  You have to love that.