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Lance Briggs Won't Benefit From Bears Spending

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I post this story more to continue my new crusade of getting this Briggs deal cleared up than I am to actually report what is in it.

The story is looking at how the money Bears have given to Vashar and are expected to give to Tillman,  won't extend to weakside linebacker Lance Briggs.

It's not a sign of things to come, however, for disgruntled Lance Briggs, the two-time Pro Bowl weakside linebacker who has been designated as a franchise player, but who is still unsigned and has stayed away from all of the Bears' offseason workouts.

Although the Bears signed Vasher to a five-year deal through 2012 that included $14 million in guaranteed money, and are believed to have proposed a similar extension to Tillman, who is entering the final year of his contract, the negotiating stance toward Briggs is unchanged. Chicago has remained intransigent in its proposal to Briggs, not budging from a one-year qualifying offer for a franchise linebacker, a tender that carries a price tag of $7.206 million.

There have been no substantive negotiations with Briggs and agent Drew Rosenhaus on a multiyear contract. And the long-term deal for Vasher, and possibility of one for Tillman, might mean Chicago is even less inclined to modify its Briggs strategy.

It goes like this, why would the Bears hold onto Briggs if he doesn't want to be there?  If he is stubborn enough to sit out 10 games, then is he somebody we want on this team?  Maybe they are waiting to see if he really holds out, but either way the trade value of this guy goes down by the week.  I would say the Bears want to wait to get him back on the field to show what he can do, so they can trade him, but by then hopefully Williams or Okwo have solidified that spot and he wouldn't be on the field anyway.  

At this point I am feeling really good about our upcoming season and I don't want this dark cloud just lingering around for most of it.