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Tillman's Contract Close

Something that did not appear in the story I linked to concerning Vashar receiving a new deal, but I found while reading an ESPN version is this:

The team's other starting cornerback, Charles Tillman, is also entering the final season of his contract but is scheduled to earn a $3.545 million base salary. The Bears are into active negotiations with Tillman as well, and hope to sign him to an extension before the beginning of training camp.

We have talked a lot about the exploits of those lesser known people in the Bears organization.  We have talked about Babich before he became our D Coordination, we have also talked about Rusty Jones, our conditioning coach and during the draft we talked about Greg Gabriel our college scout.  With the Bears having all but two draft picks signed early and their ability to get the guys we need under contract early maybe time to throw a little love behind Cliff Stein the guy who works the contracts for the Bears.