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Pete Priscoe Has Been Hitting The Sauce

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Over at CBS Sportsline Pete Priscoe has taken it upon himself to look at active players and their chances of making the Hall of Fame.  His only criteria is that they have played more than 6 years.

The only Bear on his list is Urlacher.

Brian Urlacher, LB, Chicago Bears
Decision: Needs more work.
He's got a good start, but he has a long way to go to be a Hall of Fame player. Then again, the lineage of his middle linebacker spot with the Bears is a good one.

I think based on the fact that Urlacher is the best middle linebacker in the game, he redefined the position and there is no other guy in the game who can do what he can from that spot, plus what he has already accomplished makes him a lock, but to not ever mark him a On the bubble?  ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

Next, let's talk about Olin Kruetz.  I really not the best guy to compare him to other centers, but he is the best or top 2 active centers.  Again, I think he is a lock, but at least on the bubble, but to not even be mentioned?