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Johnson Suspended For Eight Games

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The NFL has suspended Tank Johnson for eight games.

The defensive tackle recently served a two-month jail stint on a probation violation on gun-related charges.

He's the third player suspended by commissioner Roger Goodell in little more than a month for off-field behavior. In April, Goodell suspended Tennessee Titans defensive back Adam "Pacman" Jones for the entire 2007 season and Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry for eight games. Jones is appealing his suspension.

Goodell said Johnson's suspension could be reduced to six games if he has no further involvement with law enforcement and undergoes counseling.

After meeting with Goodell upon his release last month, Johnson said he was ready to accept whatever punishment Goodell handed down and that he wants to become the NFL's "Man of the Year," the player honored for being its best citizen.

I think half a season is a bit harsh, but I am not going to knock the Commish for trying to clean up the league a little.

With an eight-game suspension, Johnson would be permitted to return for the Bears' Nov. 11 contest against the Raiders in Oakland. A six-game suspension would end in time for the defensive tackle to face the Eagles Oct. 21 in Philadelphia.

The six games that Johnson is assured of missing are home contests against the Chiefs, Cowboys and Vikings and road games versus the Chargers, Lions and Packers.

Tank is listed on the roster as a nose tackle, leaving only Dusty Dvoracek as the only one currently with the Bears.  The Bears did rotate a lot of guys last year, but with Boone and Scott signing elsewhere the Bears will need to sign or move some players to provide some depth.