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Olsen Making A Run

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Despite missing early OTA's for league mandated events, rookie TE Greg Olsen took advantage of this time with the first team while Desmond Clark was away.

'Greg Olsen is going to be huge,'' quarterback Rex Grossman said. ''He's going to make Desmond Clark better and our whole offense. We're probably going to have a few more plays for the tight end than we did. Flex him out to receiver, he's fast enough to play there. We're excited about it.''

Olsen said he's doing his best to assimilate what he's learning off the field and take it on the field with 11 OTAs remaining.

''It's a lot faster when I am in there now at this level and trying to remember everything we have to do and then be able to execute it against our No. 1 defense,'' he said. ''I'm confident I can catch up.'

Any addition to our offense is a good one, so whether he starts, backs up or plays at the same time, all works for me.