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Another Available QB, Another Useless Bears Rumor

UPDATE: Adam Schefter is reporting that the Bears have officially said No Way! to Culpepper.

I can vaguely understand why every time there is a new free agent QB on the market that the Bears name gets mentioned, but when that QB has played about as much as our current QB in the last three years, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

PFT has a post on Culpepper being done with the Dolphins and at the end they throw out that other teams that might sniff around him and one of them is the Bears.


How many times do the Bears have to stand behind Grossman, how many times do we have to remind them that we have a backup ready to go?  Hell, we don't even know if Culpepper is ready to go yet.  He still might be rehabbing that bum leg of his.

Seriously, if Carson Palmer or Drew Brees found their way onto the market and you want to mention the Bears, fine, because every team that doesn't have a QB named Manning or Brady needs to be looking then, but what exactly do Byron Leftwich or Jeff Garcia really bring to the table that the Bears need to completely revamp their QB depth chart?