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One Brown Out, One Brown In?

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With any Bears news recently being with Alex Brown's request to be traded another rumor that might be a little more than a rumor completely went by me.  This story is about Tennessee Titans running back Chris Brown and how his days there are numbered and where he might go from there.  In it his agent says that everything is still up in the air, but he has some teams who have expressed interest.  One of those being the Bears.

The agent also reiterated that there are still other teams in the mix for Brown, including New England, Indianapolis, Green Bay and Chicago.

I have to wonder if the Bears interest was expressed prior to the draft, because they seem pretty happy with their running back corp.  Benson is the #1 and Peterson and Wolfe follow after that.  I am all for bringing in anybody who you think can help you team, but when was the last time Brown was healthy?