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Bucky Brooks With Groundbreaking Analysis

And yes before you ask, that is laced with much sarcasm.  Bucky Brooks of SI is continuing his Training Camp preview, by listing what each teams need to do to succeed next year.

I know these type of articles are just copies of each other, but this one struck me a worse than the rest, like he really didn't want to put forth any more effort into it.

Here is what the Bears need to do.

Challenge No. 1: Avoid Super Bowl hangover.

Challenge No. 2: Get more consistent play from Rex Grossman.

Challenge No. 3: Fill key holes on the defense.

No, seriously that is all.  Hmmm.  we need good QB play and we need to fill holes of players who are no longer with the team.  Bang up job there, Bucky!  Why not add that our receivers have to catch the ball and our front line needs to block.

Some rules need to be set forth so "journalists" can stop mailing or black berrying their work in.  If one can read an article and apply most of what you say to every team, you must redo your article.