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Mike Singletary Three Spots Higher

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A little while back I posted a link to USA Today's list of the best 25 football players in the last 25 years.  PFT thinking that list was horse dung decided to do their own and while I think the validity of both is obviously completely subjective and neither one has any more worth than the other PFT's list has Singletary listed at #14, three spots higher than USA Today's list.

When we think of defensive football in the 1980s, we think of those eyes.  Mike Singletary's eyes.  Always ready, always probing, always intense.

Singletary was the anchor of the 1985 Bears defense, perhaps the finest in the history of the league.  In all, Singletary made it to 10 Pro Bowls, and twice was named the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year.

But Singletary's best days in football could still be in front of him.  Destined to become a head coach after spending more than a decade out of the game, we believe that Singletary could become a great one.