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Chicago Bears and Lance Briggs Run Out Of Time

Despite Agent Drew Rosenhaus's best efforts and last ditch ideas to get his client Lance Briggs signed to a long term contract, he has come up short.

Today was the last day to get a long term deal done with franchise players a similar fate has fallen on the Patriots with their franchise player, Asante Samuel.  

The only remaining options Briggs has are to sign the one year deal for 7.2 million or sit out the first 10 games.

Personally, Briggs has done everything wrong with his campaign to get resigned.  He talked down about the organization, disillusioned fans and was generally stubborn the entire process. His efforts were met with stone faces from the Bears.  They simply did nothing.  When the Redskins wanted to talk, they talked.  When Rosenhaus wanted to come back to the table they did, but they were never going to put themselves in a deal that was not in their best interest.  Briggs has lost himself a ton of money regardless of what team he eventually signs with.