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Danieal Manning To Play Safety For Chicago Bears

Despite reports that a move to corner was on the way, it looks like Danieal Manning will spend most of his time at safety behind Mike Brown.

With Danieal Manning lining up at both safety and cornerback during the offseason, what type of role do you envision for him this year?

Danieal's definitely a swing guy for us. Right now he's still going to be a safety. That's where he's going to line up. He's going to be at safety about 80 percent of the time [in training camp]. But we still feel like we have the ability to be able to move him to corner at any time, just like we adjusted last year with him being in the slot and playing a lot of man-to-man. He brings that particular asset for us there. Danieal is just a tremendous athlete and we feel that he brings a lot for us being able to have him move to corner. He's picking it up pretty good. It's a little different for him, but he's shown major progress in that particular area. I love the way he works and where he is right now.

This is kind of an obvious point now that Vashar is signed and Tillman close behind along with Manning Jr. already getting money.  With those three we really didn't need another guy there.  We were much more unsteady at safety where Brown cannot keep healthy.