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Nathan Vashar Underrated

I am not overly familiar with Adam Schein with  FOX Sports, but apparently he is a Bears fans.  A few weeks ago he writes a article in support of Rex Grossman and now he lists the nine most underrated players in the NFL.  In that list is Nathan Vashar.

Nathan Vasher

For some reason, there are media members, fans and players (Plaxico Burress) who discount the Bears secondary. Vasher is one of the best cornerbacks in the NFC, who somehow gets overlooked in the galaxy of stars while playing for the high-profile Bears.

Vasher has the knack for making the big play and the big pick at key moments. In talking to the cornerback this week, he was thrilled to re-sign with the Bears. Vasher credits Lovie Smith for a lot of his success.

For the record T.J. Houshmandzadeh is not underrated.  He might get overshadowed with bigger names like Chad Johnson and Carson Palmer, but I think he gets more than his share of credit for what he brings to that team.