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Cedric Benson and Mark Anderson Are Ready To Break Out

FOX Sports is running an article listing 10 guys who are ready to break out this year.  Two Bears, Mark Anderson and Cedric Benson made the list.

3. Mark Anderson, DE, Bears: Though Anderson was a top-5 overall selection the entire season. Anderson led the NFC champion Bears in sacks with 12 while playing in all 16 games for Chicago. With another year under his belt and the return of Tommie Harris, Anderson should have even more opportunities to get to the quarterback this year. Asking for 12 sacks is a bit much -- but certainly possible.

6. Cedric Benson, RB, Bears: After sharing the load with Thomas Jones over the past two seasons, it's all Cedric all the time in Chicago now. With Jones in the Jets backfield, the former Texas star and highly touted first-round pick is the primary ball carrier for the Bears in '07. Garrett Wolfe and Devin Hester should get some action, but Benson should be the go-to guy each week. I haven't been sold on Benson as an every down back yet. But the opportunities will be there this season. It's his 1,000 yards to lose. He should eclipse that mark and more.

It is nice to see somebody on Benson's side.  So many have all ready cast him aside, because of some strange worship of Thomas Jones.  I liked Jones too, but we all knew the moment Benson was drafted, we wasn't going to be here long.