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Tommie Harris Is Smarter Than Your Average Bear

OK, I don't know the IQ of every Bears player, but I am reasonably certain I wouldn't be hearing such stuff from most.  When asked about the troubles facing the league in light of the Michael Vick incident, Harris wants to know why nobody is talking about the majority of the players who are not getting arrested.

"The media right now is like a TV show, a reality show," said Tommie Harris, the Bears' two-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle. "The bad sells. Yellow journalism and muckraking--that's what sells right now."

Muckraking? Yellow Journalism?  Who does Harris think he is a QB?  Aren't defensive players suppose to be not so intellectual and play more on instinct?  That aside Harris and others who have spoken it have a point.  There is a lot of good that is being done by players and teams and not much of it gets written about.