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Lance Briggs Decided Being a Bear Better Than The Bench

We all know everything he did was just a means to an end, but in the end Lance Briggs decided that playing ball all year was a better option than sitting out.  The Chicago Bears and WLB Lance Briggs agree on a 1-year contract worth the franchise number of 7.2 million.

There is a catch.

The deal came together after the Bears agreed to not put the franchise tag on Briggs in 2008 and give the linebacker a $1 million advance, agent Drew Rosenhaus said.

In the end this is best for both parties.  Briggs gets to be unrestricted next year and seek his fortunes and future overratedness elsewhere and the Bears have one more year to groom Williams of Okwo to be his replacement.

Overall, I don't begrudge Briggs anything, but how Briggs handled the situation should be written up in a book and handed out to the rookies, so in the future they don't make a complete ass out of themselves.

Credit: Chad (look who is on a roll)