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Lance Briggs and Bears Close To An Agreement

Today just got a whole lot nicer outside.  Despite all of Briggs lack of business sense and negative comments he and Bears are close to signing an agreement.

The Chicago Tribune reported that as of Tuesday night, there were strong indications the two sides were coming close to an agreement that would end a messy contract dispute and land Briggs in training camp on time.

According to the paper, Briggs' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, and the Bears have continued to negotiate even after the July 16 deadline for working out long-term contracts with franchise players. After a visit to Halas Hall last month, Rosenhaus said he had made some creative proposals to the team. But due to league rules, the sides can only agree to a one-year deal after the deadline.

The good news here is that the majority of the players stood by Briggs, so there should be very little disruption.  

While I disliked the methods with which Briggs used he was doing what he felt he needed to do and I having him on the field rather than a first or second year guy who we hope can replace him is a much more comfortable feeling.

Credit: Chad