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Greg Olsen Shines, Brian Griese Making Way For The Return of Kyle Orton?

The first days of training camp haven't decided anything yet, but as they say in golf you can't win anything on the first day, but you can lose everything.  The two stories coming out of camp so far circle around Olsen's play and Griese's non-play.

It looks like Olsen, once labeled a work out warrior, may be all he that he showed and more.

Olsen, the rookie tight end and first-round pick, continued his near-flawless play with a spectacular, one-handed touchdown catch late in practice. Olsen did have one drop, but he continues to show how much of a deep threat he can be.

For every good play Olsen makes it looks like Griese makes a bad one.

...his backup status might be in jeopardy if he continues to play this poorly. His passes have been well off-target, and throwing an interception is becoming his norm. Chris Harris picked off Griese during 7-on-7 drills Monday. Starter Rex Grossman also threw an interception to Danieal Manning.

If Grossman turns out to be the guy we hope he is we could do much worse than Kyle Orton as a backup.  Griese is getting older and can't seem to get himself straightened out.  He might find himself looking for a new home next year if not sooner.  If what we paid him is high for a backup, he is hugely overpaid for a third stringer.  

Regardless of his play if Grossman plays well enough to earn his big contract next year, it would be hard for the Bears to keep on Griese.