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Is Cedric Benson causing dissension on the Bears?

There is no doubt that the Bears offense needs to succeed this season.  Homers admit it, critics preach it, and the talking heads yak about it every day on the radio.  Obviously they need the O to succeed and when the Bears traded Thomas Jones a huge load was placed on Cedric Benson's shoulders to help carry this offense.

I have no doubt that Ced can carry the load and be successful. He provided a great punch against defenses. His stats were healthy for a part time back putting up a 4.1 average, 647 yards, 6 TD's, and no fumbles during the season.  Providing that he can stay healthy I believe that he can have a great season and put up 1,200 yards and 10-14 TD's.

The thing that worries me about Ced is this article by Mike Mulligan from the Sun-Times. Apparently, Jones punched Ced in a practice last year.

Benson's relationship with Jones seems complicated. First, Benson said he wishes Jones all the best and nothing but success with the New York Jets and points out the player got a pretty good deal in the long run. But then he scoffs at Jones saying he's ''10 times the man and 10 times the player.''

Benson said the punch occurred early in practice on the Wednesday before the Oct. 16 game at Arizona. He said, to his knowledge, Jones wasn't fined. Benson didn't pursue the matter with the coaching staff.

''I was able to sit down in my locker and think back on that situation and feel this guy is so intimidated by me, he cannot hold his composure around me,'' Benson said. ''So I left it alone.''

Then he goes into the situation from last year where he felt that he was singled out in training camp and took extra shots. Then the running back coach says he didn't think that he took any extra shots and the argument can go on and on.

I believe that the main point is Ced's revelation of this story now, and not when it happened. That surprises me and I wonder why Ced is bringing to the paper. Why wouldn't he bring it to the coach? Why the media?

I love Cedric Benson and I think he is going to be a great player and a great asset to the team this year.  My only concern is this business of bringing team issues to the media. Aside from that I am thrilled to see what Ced, Adrian Peterson, Garrett Wolfe, and Devin Hester can do in the backfield this season.