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Did Tommie Harris Get Lance Briggs In Camp?

Here is an interesting story for those conspiracy theorists among us.  It goes like this.  Tommie Harris and Lance Briggs are good friends.  

'I just kept telling Drew: 'Man you have to get Briggs [in].' Briggs is like my brother. It's great to have him out there. I feel much more comfortable when he's here. He brings so much charisma to the team. He's fun. He'll change the whole camp just having him here.''

They both also have the same agent, Drew Rosenhaus.  Rosenhaus knows that he will have to deal with the Bears in the next year to discuss a new bar setting deal for Harris.  Harris is on record as saying he does not want to play for any other team than the one that drafted him.  There is also rumblings that Harris has been looking for a new agent.  Something he denies, but history shows the fact that Harris is on his third agent.

Still, word around the league is that Harris is ''in play'' in terms of looking for a new agent.

Harris denies it, but admits he talks to a lot of NFL agents and is always willing to hear what they have to say.

''He's one of those guys who loves to be recruited,'' one source said.

Whether Rosenhaus gets dumped or not is one thing, but you know he wants to be around when Harris signs that deal.  

So could Rosenhaus playing so nice and quiet during Bears and Briggs saga and him willing to keep plodding away trying to get Briggs in camp be  to keep Harris happy enough to keep himself around until Harris and the Bears negotiate?

I know a lot of speculation, but nothing here is all that far fetched.  Besides I like the idea of a player making an agent, especially Rosenhaus, work for his money.