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Is Lance Briggs Still In the Mix?

It has almost become a forgone conclusion that at some point Lance Briggs would be out of Chicago, strengthened by the fact that 2nd year player Jamar Williams has shown he has the goods in practice, but he may have to wait.

Briggs agent, Drew Rosenhaus, after getting Greg Olsen signed went back to work on getting Briggs a long term contract.

"We presented some concepts that we think will work for the Bears and for Lance," Rosenhaus said, declining to elaborate on specifics.

Briggs is a good player, a Pro Bowl talent when working next to Urlacher.  If the Bears can get him back into the fold happy, then it benefits the Bears regardless of how youngsters are playing.  It won't take long for fans to forgive him, if he plays on the level he has been the last two years.