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Contract Status - Harris, Tillman and Briggs

This article is specifically about disgruntled linebacker Lance Briggs, but in it it hits on contracts of some other Bears players.  Mainly, Charles Tillman and  Tommie Harris.

On Briggs:

Two Bears players told the Chicago Tribune they believe Lance Briggs, not agent Drew Rosenhaus, is leading the way in the linebacker's holdout.
The Trib believes Rosenhaus blinked first in the stalemate by offering a "new approach" in contract dealings. But if Briggs is indeed leading the holdout cause and serious about sitting out, Rosenhaus' blinking may not matter.

On Tillman:

If the Bears and CB Charles Tillman do reach agreement on a long-term deal, Tillman's contract is expected to be worth more than Nate Vasher's.
Tillman is reportedly considered the better all-around CB internally and coming off a phenomenal season; Vasher's best year was '05. Tillman won't get Nate Clements money but close to $20 million in guarantees is realistic.

On Harris:

Signing Tommie Harris to a contract extension is reportedly the Bears' No. 1 priority heading to training camp and the preseason.
Bernard Berrian, Peanut Tillman, and Rex Grossman's contracts are also coming up, but a healthy Harris is expected to top the list, especially after the loss of Tank Johnson. The Bears will probably wait a while on Grossman.

One of the things you will read is something we likely haven't considered much.  With all this new money being given out or likely to be given out, what about Urlacher?

What about Urlacher?

Good point. His agent could present the argument that Urlacher will enter his eighth season as the most underpaid Bear. Four years later, the landmark $57 million deal he signed in 2003, which included $13 million in bonuses, ranks as one of the biggest bargains in the league given his worth to the team. How long before a guy with at least five more dominant seasons in him makes that point to the Bears?

Grossman, Berrian and Tillman be damned if Urlacher is ready to rework his deal, you give him his money, but if all these guys are getting big money, one has to wonder the ramifications to sign Urlacher to a bigger contract.