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Carol Slezak Backs Tank Johnson

A few people have come out on the side of cut Bears defensive lineman Tank Johnson.  They usually end up looking unintelligent and uniformed, but normally it is somebody from the outside.  Things have changed a bit, Carol Slezak of the Chicago Sun-Times makes a case for the Bears being wrong, a bad case, but a case nonetheless.

The basis of her case is of course he wasn't drunk, so in the end he was cut because he is driving too fast.  

I think I am like most when I say he was cut because he has shown a lack of good judgment and it is only a matter of time before it strikes again.  For the sake of this post, I was going to  focus on how she thinks that driving 40 in a 25 isn't driving real fast, but then she goes here.

I say this as one who has done the crime but never has been pulled over as a result. Of course, people who look like me aren't pulled over as frequently as people who look like Johnson. Which is all the more reason why we should think twice before judging him in this instance.

Whitey, white, white Carol just pulled the race card.  In general won't argue that stuff does happen, but for her to use it just makes her look foolish and unprofessional.