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Bears Ink Darwin Walker for 5 Years

The Bears have done in less than a week what the Eagles and Bills either couldn't do or wouldn't do and that is to sign Darwin Walker to a long term contract.  The deal is for 5 years and worth 25 million.

The difference apparently and then thing that makes this look good for the Bears is that Walker wanted to be here.  

It took defensive tackle Darwin Walker only a couple of days to realize he wanted to stay with the Bears for the long haul. So Walker called his agent, Al Irby, on Tuesday and told him money wasn't the first priority anymore, just get a deal done.

This says a lot for the organization and possibly future free agents.  

The deal voided the final two years on his existing contract and gave him 8.5 million up front.

The question now is what does this mean to the line up.  We all heard that Dvoracek would get top shot at Tank Johnson's old spot.  Does this mean they don't think he is ready yet?  

More likely we are going to see Dusty, Darwin and Anthony Adams in constant rotation based on schemes and on occasion to give Tommie Harris a breather.

''We didn't get everything we wanted,'' Irby said, ''but he's happy because after being around Lovie [Smith] and the guys for two days, money wasn't the most important thing. He said, 'Let's get a deal done.'''

It speaks to the character of a guy who while wanting his money is willing to put some demands aside to be in an environment that suits him and he is happy with.

I think this turns out to be a great deal for the Bears and Walker and they will both reap the rewards of it.

Credit: lawyeti