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Chicago Bears vs. Houston Texans- Preseason Game Thread

Site:  Reliant Stadium
Time: 7 PM CT

The Bears hit the field in their first preseason game versus the Houston Texans and their new QB Matt Schaub.  

Being the first game we only get to see the starters for 1-2 series.  Still I think everybody is holding their breath that Grossman looks sharp.  Grossman really is the only big question mark on this team.  If he plays well, the rest of the offense is set and we know the defense is a beast, this team has a better than average shot at repeating as NFC Champs.

The other players I think people are waiting to see are Devin Hester, Cedric Benson and Greg Olsen, though we won't see anything close to what the Bears will do with Hester and Olsen in the preseason.